Discussion about a more concise wiki front page

Old discussion (Jan 12-16, 2004) can be found in the history archive at [L1 ] or [L2 ].

May 2004 - page re-orged, now that front page is in place. -jcw

davidw - very nice indeed! Thanks!

zlm This is much better. I don't like the typeface used for the "Tcl" image, it looks old and boring. Can someone persuade a graphic designer to do some artwork? Also the feather logo looks like it was shrunk from a larger image, the lettering is almost unreadable. And I really think that Tcl needs a cute mascot, we can do beter than an ugly snake.

19may2004 adavis - I'd like to have a link to the wikidiff on the front page.

jcw - Ah, good idea - either [L3 ] (see [L4 ]) or WikiDiff, which seems more practical for day to day visits. I hope Pascal PS will find a spare moment to help make that work on this site, then I'll be happy to add it to the sidebar.

WJR - Nice. My comments:

  1. Can a font consistent with the interior pages be used?
  2. The Tcl graphic should probably match the style used in the Tcl/Tk logo.

jcw - I'll look at fonts once the page content is more or less stable (i.e. soon), can probably easily fix this. As for the Tcl graphic - graphics design is not my forte, I'd be happy to include another design - as I said, I took what I had available to me.

WJR - I wonder who does the graphic design work for Activestate's Tcl toolsets? The designs are very nice - perhaps they would be willing to contribute some work.

JH - ActiveState graphics are mostly done in-house. We only have one guy for all the various projects though. I'll ask if I can get some time. It would be most likely accepted if we had a clear idea of what we want (not necessarily design specifics, but number and size of graphics for what purpose).

lv Early on this page, someone mentions looking at perl.org for an idea. But when I look at that web site, what I see is a portal to various other web sites, with a lesser amount of actual content. 17 of the 69 links on that page relate to www.perl.org. The rest are pointers to the rest of the perl community, sponsers, etc. When you start visiting the secondary references, you see a variety of presentations, including things like this wiki's front page.

Do we, perhaps, need to think about such a seperation - where the front page collects information about Tcl in general, referencing the various web sites and possible sponsers for the wiki?

That role seems to me better given to www.tcl.tk - this is just the wiki, not the center of the Tcl universe -jcw

LV That's good to know - that we are not aiming at providing a Tcl portal here. The goal is to stream line a user's introduction to the info on this web site - not necessarily to be the world's introduction to Tcl itself.

NEM Regarding www.tcl.tk, I was working on a revamp of the front page for there, which you can see at http://mod3.net/~nem/www.tcl.tk/ . It needs some work, and comments would be useful. This is a separate effort to revamping the wiki front page though, so email comments directly to me.

2004-05-19 Michael Heca

Very nice. Can be search box or link to search page on front page? - Done.

SM I like this! It looks great!!!

2004-05-22 mjk

The page is great! However, something about the banner is bugging me. I made my own humble suggestion as a new banner. It can be found in here: http://www.iki.fi/mjk/img/tcl/tclwiki.gif . It's inspired by the current banner and is just reflecting my own views of the style.

Hello Matti - If you can find two more people who agree with you, I'll switch. It's about taste, so I don't want to change things every day, but I'm fine with any suggestion people come up with -jcw

I understand completely. My suggestion will stay at the current location and people are free to check the image and form their opinions. If there is support for the current banner or my version, it would be great if people would tell their views on this page. --mjk

rdt 2004-05-22 I'd like to see the 'wiki.tcl.tk' image part to be about twice the size for a bit more prominence.