JayBy 2016-05-30

My name is Jürgen "Arthur" Beyersdorff, coming from Stuttgart, Germany.

I'm workless at the moment - my tenor is to work for the project, not for the boss ;-) -, so I have time to learn more about Tcl/Tk and GUI programming, internal structure, like elements and something else.

I can write bash scripts and HTML with php and javascript, and years ago as I saw Tcl/Tk, it's a good scripting language with capabilities to writing GUIs. But I read in some forums, Tcl/Tk is obselete, so I leave it.

But now I'm back.

My biggest problem with Tcl/Tk is the 'old school' GUI. With ttk::themes it's a little bit better, but the nicest theme looks ugly, if it doesn't match the colors of the environment. So I've tried to learn much things about the structure of Tk/Ttk and write some packages to make things easier (for me !?).

Mostly I try, that my apps and packages are system independent. I write my scripts on a Linux (Slackware 14.1) system and test it some times on WinXP/Win7. I have no Mac, so I cannot test on a Mac.

I have also rewritten some ideas from this wiki, to put them into my packages.

I have named most of my packages with the prefix xtk, because I've tried to extend the present widgets and commands with my own ideas. So 'xtk' means 'eXtended TK'.


  • TkStyles ( Theme switcher, to create uniform look with different GUI libraries )
  • TkTest ( My personal test app, to test my packages and the usage/handling of the widgets )


  • defColor ( helpers for mixing colors and something else )
  • xtk::theme ( creates ttk::themes, based on system environment, like gtk2 )
  • xtk::theme::rivet ( Bitmap themes with round widgets )
  • xtk::wm ( Extended window procedures for positioning and movments )
  • xtk::notebook ( Extends ttk::notebook with buttons for adding and scrolling tabs )
  • xtk::bindings ( Bindings for widgets, like search function for ttk::combobox )


jsuntheimer72 Hi, JayBy! Are you still around? I managed to get xtk::theme and defColor from aspect on irc, but it would be great if such excellent software were not lost to broken links :)

ABU 29-jan-2018 The website hosting your works does not respond. Your xtk packages looks really excellent. I could test them on Mac if only I were able to download them !