List of ttk Themes


Most of the themes can be downloaded from A collection of Ttk themes

Also see each entry below for download links.

The themes can also be retrieved from BallroomDJCode . But I make no guarantees as to fidelity to the original source.

Scalable indicates whether the theme will scale with high-resolution displays. Scalable themse require tksvg. Some of the non-graphical built-in themes may be made to scale with some work.

Graphical? indicates that the theme uses pixmaps, GIFs or PNG files. Graphical themes may not scale properly on high-resolution displays. Native themes are supported by the operating system's built-in libraries, and are only available on the relevant platform. svg indicates that the theme requires the tksvg library.

adaptanoexternalyesdefaultRedFantom's ttkthemes at github GPLv3RedFantom
ale_themesnoexternalyesclamthemes used in alited editor; see also rdbende's themes MITaplsimple
aquanobuilt-innativeMac OS X only; Native Mac OS XTcl
aquabluenoexternalyesclamOddly, there is no blue involved
aquativonoexternalyesGTK aquativoTclAndrew Wyatt, Pat Thoyts
arcnoexternalyesdefaultGTK arc; Good for Linux; Modern scrollbar look with no up/down arrows. Disabled and read-only colors will not work due to graphics.GPLv3Sergei Golovan
awarcyesexternalsvgdefaultScalable arc theme awthemes at sourceforge Sergei Golovan
awdarkyesexternalyes/svgclamLoosely based on adwaita dark. Good for Linux. Helper routines are included to set the colors for text, menu and listbox widgets. awthemes / awthemes at sourceforge zlib/libpngBrad Lanam
awlightyesexternalyes/svgclamLoosely based on adwaita light. Good for Linux. Helper routines are included to set the colors for text, menu and listbox widgets. awthemes / awthemes at sourceforge zlib/libpngBrad Lanam
AzurenoexternalyesclamHas a light and a dark variant, and several additional widget styles. Azure theme at GitHub MITrdbende
breezenoexternalyesdefaultA ttk theme similar to the KDE Breeze theme Breeze at github GPLMaximilian Lika
breeze-darkyesexternalyesdefaultA ttk theme similar to the KDE Breeze theme breeze-dark at github . Forked from breeze.GPLv3Bartek Jasicki
awbreezeyesexternalsvgdefaultScalable breeze theme awthemes at sourceforge Maximilian Lika
awbreezedarkyesexternalyesdefaultScalable breeze-dark theme awthemes at sourceforge Bartek Jasicki
blacknoexternalnoclamblack ttk themeTclMats Bengtsson
awblackyesexternalsvgclamScalable black theme awthemes at sourceforge Mats Bengtsson
bluenoexternalyesThis one is blue; Button gradient creates an illusion that the buttons are not squareTclPat Thoyts
blueelegancenoexternalyesGTK2 Blue Elegance Light; No blue; Odd button graphics. Disabled and read-only colors will not work due to graphics.Tcl
clearlooksnoexternalyesclamGTK Clearlooks; Good for LinuxTcl
awclearlooksyesexternalsvgclamScalable clearlooks theme awthemes at sourceforge
equiluxnoexternalyesDark theme. I changed the text color to white in the pic. RedFantom's ttkthemes at github GPLv3RedFantom
ForestnoexternalyesdefaultHas a light and a dark variant, and several additional widget styles. Forest theme at GitHub MITrdbende
gtk2noexternalyesclamX11 Only; defColor, xtk::theme (1) (2)Jürgen "Arthur" Beyersdorff
itft1noexternalyes(original tile version) GPLJelco Huijser
keramiknoexternalyesaltTclPat Thoyts
keramik_altnoexternalyesaltTclPat Thoyts
krocnoexternalyesaltOrange theme with wood-like grainTclDavid Zolli
plastiknoexternalyesdefaultDisabled and read-only colors will not work due to graphics.TclPat Thoyts
rivet2dnoexternalyesclamX11 Only; defColor, xtk::theme, xtk::theme::rivet (1) (2)Jürgen "Arthur" Beyersdorff
rivet3dnoexternalyesclamX11 Only; defColor, xtk::theme, xtk::theme::rivet (1) (2)Jürgen "Arthur" Beyersdorff
scidbluenoexternalyesThe scid* themes have nice focus colors and a modern scrollbar with no up/down arrows. Scid Themes at Sourceforge TclUwe Klimmek
scidgreennoexternalyesScid Themes at Sourceforge TclUwe Klimmek
scidgreynoexternalyesScid Themes at Sourceforge TclUwe Klimmek
scidmintnoexternalyesScid Themes at Sourceforge TclUwe Klimmek
scidpinknoexternalyesScid Themes at Sourceforge TclUwe Klimmek
scidpurplenoexternalyesScid Themes at Sourceforge TclUwe Klimmek
scidsandnoexternalyesScid Themes at Sourceforge TclUwe Klimmek
smognoexternalyes(original tile version) GPLJelco Huijser
srivnoexternalyesGlassy. Includes several different button colors.Steve Redler IV
srivlgnoexternalUnable to locateSteve Redler IV
stepnoexternalnodefaultAn experimental theme. It may need a compiled portion also.
Sun ValleynoexternalyesclamA modern and popular theme that imitates the look and feel of Windows 11. Has a light and a dark variant, and several additional widget styles. Sun Valley theme at GitHub MITrdbende
tilegtknoexternalnoForked at ; Python/tkinter wrapper package is at . Intended to provide a native GTK+ look and feel.
tileqtnoexternalnoX11 Only; out of date, compiles, does not work
tknoexternalyesclamX11 Only; defColor, xtk::theme (1) (2)Jürgen "Arthur" Beyersdorff
vistanobuilt-innativeWindows only; Native WindowsTcl
waldorfnoexternalyes2016. Disabled and read-only colors will not work due to graphics. waldorf ttk themeFrançois Tonneau
winnativenobuilt-innativeWindows only; Old-Style Windows theme; Native WindowsTcl
winxpbluenoexternalyesclamGTK WinXP BlueTclPat Thoyts
awwinxpblueyesexternalsvgclamScalable winxpblue theme awthemes at sourceforge Pat Thoyts
xpnativenobuilt-innativeWindows only; Native WindowsTcl
yarunoexternalyesdefaultMany different focus/selection/active/etc. colors. RedFantom's ttkthemes at github GPLv3RedFantom


(1) bll 2017-04-12: I personally, cannot get these to work.

(2) 2018-06-12: Source is already lost.


vista (windows 7)vista (windows 8)waldorf
winnativewinxpbluexpnative (windows XP)
xpnative (windows 7)yaru

ttkboostrap : A collection of modern flat themes for tkinter inspired by Bootstrap. Also includes TTK Creator which allows you to easily create and use your own themes. An export function may allow configuration of theme settings for Tk.

In apave package, a hybrid way of theming is implemented: apave applies its color schemes to ttk themes with possible tinting the result, which means innumerable combinations.

A mp4 video (~19 Mb) of alited editor demonstrates default, azure and awdark themes colored and tinted.

Demo Code


package require Tk

set theme [lindex $::argv 0]

## replace this block with your method of loading the theme
#set ap [file join [file dirname [info script]] .. code]
#if { $ap ni $::auto_path } {
#  lappend ::auto_path $ap
#unset ap
#package require themeloader
#themeloader::loadTheme $theme

if { [file exists $theme.tcl] } {
  source $theme.tcl

ttk::style theme use $theme
set tbg [ttk::style lookup TFrame -background]
lassign [winfo rgb . $tbg] bg_r bg_g bg_b
set tbg [format {#%02x%02x%02x} \
  [expr {$bg_r / 256}] \
  [expr {$bg_g / 256}] \
  [expr {$bg_b / 256}]]

set val 55
set valb $theme
set off 0
set on 1

. configure -background $tbg

ttk::notebook .nb
pack .nb -side left -fill both -expand true
ttk::labelframe .lf -text " $theme "
.nb add .lf -text $theme
ttk::frame .junk
.nb add .junk -text [join [lreverse [split $theme {}]] {}]
ttk::frame .bf
ttk::label .lb -text $theme
ttk::button .b -text $theme
pack .lb .b -in .bf -side left -padx 3p
ttk::combobox .combo -values [list aaa bbb ccc] -textvariable valb -width 15
ttk::frame .cbf
ttk::checkbutton .cboff -text off -variable off
ttk::checkbutton .cbon -text on -variable on
pack .cboff .cbon -in .cbf -side left -padx 3p
ttk::separator .sep
ttk::frame .rbf
ttk::radiobutton .rboff -text off -variable on -value 0
ttk::radiobutton .rbon -text on -variable on -value 1
pack .rboff .rbon -in .rbf -side left -padx 3p
ttk::scale .sc -from 0 -to 100 -variable val
ttk::progressbar .pb -mode determinate -length 100 -variable val
ttk::entry .ent -textvariable valb -width 15
ttk::spinbox .sbox -textvariable val -width 5
ttk::scrollbar .sb
ttk::sizegrip  .sg
pack .sb -side right -fill y -expand true
pack .bf .combo .cbf .sep .rbf .sc .pb .ent .sbox \
    -in .lf -side top -anchor w -padx 3p -pady 3p
pack configure .sep -fill x -expand true
pack .sg -in .lf -side right -anchor s


ABU 202-04-29:

This is an interesting collection, and it's a pity many themes have no download link.
I'm particulary interested in some cross-platform Aqua-looking themes.
I'd like to see them grouped in categories, "most popular", "obsolete", ... don't you think could be useful to add/embed a survey poll in these wiki pages ?

bll 2020-08-04: The link for downloading "most" of the themes is listed at the top of the page, first paragraph.