My name is Alex Plotnikov. I live in Voronezh obl. Russia where Alex may refer to Aleksei or Aleksandr, me being latter.

I'm in Tcl/Tk realms since 2018.

A fan of the book by Ashok P. Nadkarni. Still my main (perhaps only:) interest in Tcl/Tk is its GUI component.


Ramble through the wiki! Ramble here and there getting hints, tips, ideas with its Search really so helpful, much better than simple googling.

My tiny contributions to the wiki caused largely by its coherent ideas are:


aplsimple.github.io became my site after sundowning Mercurial by Bitbucket, hopefully the new site will never be damaged with the sunny acrobatics.

There is also its mirror at chiselapp.com . As for Tcl/Tk sources, my chiselapp.com is more active than github.com .

I'll never stop feeling warm-hearted about Tcl/Tk. Although it is underestimated now, it keeps believing in its future and its sponsors to come.

I hope to write some day an application sort of all people are brothers and sisters however pompous and silly it could sound. Tcl/Tk is good for this sort of applications.

... and a nice occupation between this and then at harvesting tomatoes:)

Book of Tcl by Ashok Nadkarni read here and there