Michael Haschek

has organized the Third European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting.

organized the Fourth European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting together with Reinhard Max.

organized Fifth European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting together with Holger Jakobs

Founder of the Tcler's User Group Munich http://www.tugm.de/ , now led by Paul Obermeier

Homepage http://www.haschek.com

Author of T-IDE - an Integrated Development Environment for Tcl/Tk. Recently enhanced Eolas T-Maker and integrated it into T-IDE to complete the tool. Note: T-Maker is not an official part of T-IDE, you'll have to talk to Michael Doyle. A sneak-preview of T-IDE (as presented at E-TCL2005) you will find here: http://www.haschek.com/tidetour.html

My newest project is a Contact Manager called CMfoni written in pure Tcl/Tk (+tile) and a DB in the background: http://www.haschek.com The software is available on WIN-XX and Linux - other platforms are in progress.

I have been offering consulting in Tcl/Tk-projects for more than 10 years and I am available for contract-work.

By February 17th 2010 I got my certification as "Certified Inbound Marketing Professional"

You'll find me on Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelhaschek

And at OpenBC too: https://www.openbc.com/hp/HansMichael_Haschek/