What: MyrmecoX Studio 4.0

 Description: Tcl/Tk IDE for all Windows.

MyrmecoX Studio is an IDE for Web and Enterprise Applications with Apache, PHP/Tcl, MySQL support.

The latest MyrmecoX Studio 4.0 includes an IDE (editor, checker, debugger, keyword editor, and bytecode compiler) that supports Apache server, Snaml2.0/PHP5.0/Tcl8.4 scripting languages, and MySQL/SQLite databases. Users can develop web UI and applications with AJAX technology.

MyrmecoX Studio 4.0 supports Tcl extensions, object-oriented programming (itcl), java integration, (tclblend), database connection (oratcl, tclodbc), graphs and charts (bwidget, blt), COM interface (tcom),exception handling, and extension wizard (xWizard). MyrmecoX Studio 4.0 also supports Tcl/Tk

   for Windows XP/Server 2003 64-bit operating system on X86 platform. 

 Updated: 20/10/2005, Neatware


 Contact: mailto:[email protected]

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