This is a location for projects in need of new parents, names with no current contact information, and so on.

See also Software Free to a Good Home!

Didn't scotty get mentioned as not really having an upstream? No - it has a ( fairly quiet ) mailing list, a CVS tree, support for Tcl/TK 8.4, ... The original author is still working on it, though not as much, and others on the mailing list have helped me quite a bit when I had problems.

[Note that Tkinspect was one of these - but it was adopted into an sf.net project in the past few months!]


KJN What is the criterion for adding a project to this page or Software Free to a Good Home!? It can't be simply that the project is orphaned or unmaintained, as there are hundreds of projects listed on this Wiki that appear to have that status.

TP Use your own good judgement, as far as I am concerned. As original author of the Software Free to a Good Home! page, I am hoping to find maintainers for some of my past projects. I get inquiries every now and then about those I listed on the Software Free to a Good Home! page, so it appears that someone out there actually uses them or is interested in them. I usually reply back in private emails to such inquiries that I am seeking volunteers, but rarely get positive replies. Oratcl and Sockspy are the few cases I've turned over development.

KJN Perhaps then we could use Software Free to a Good Home! when the developers themselves wish to pass the project on to someone else; and use this page for projects that have become inactive, but still have users who would like development to continue. One possibility is to add a summary to this table - but for the sake of brevity to explain details on the project's own wiki page, e.g. steps taken to contact developer, reasons why the project is worth resurrecting if similar projects exist and are active, etc.

Project Last DevelopmentDownloadableDeveloper(s) ContactableReason For Interest
tuba debugger1999 Y ? to be filled in by poster