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  • BAWT (Build Automation With Tcl) is a Tcl based configurable framework for building C/C++ based software libraries from source code without user interaction. Version 2.3.1 released on 2023/01/19.
  • CAWT (COM Automation With Tcl) is a utility package based on TWAPI to script Microsoft Windows applications with Tcl via the COM interface. Version 2.9.5 released on 2024/03/12. Also part of BAWT.
  • MAWT (Movie Automation With Tcl) is a Tcl package based on FFmpeg. It provides high level procedures for movie automation with Tcl. Version 0.4.3 (Tcl9 aware) released on 2023/09/23. Also part of BAWT.
  • PAWT (Picture Automation With Tcl) is a high-level Tcl interface for handling images with byte, short, int, float or double pixel values. The image data and meta information are stored in a Tcl dict. Version 1.1.3 (Tcl9 aware) released on 2023/08/20. Also part of BAWT.

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