Peter Caffin


Another one from Perth, Western Australia.

I was originally using Tcl in systems administration (via Expect) from 2000 or so, but, in 2005 I became interested in Tcl/Tk for its multiplatform GUI and starpack deployment. That I could easily code my GUI apps in vi, nano or Textpad and deploy them as single file native executables impressed me greatly.

Aside from systems admin, I use Tcl/Tk for various Shareware projects with a focus on multi-platform release supporting Windows (including Wine and ReactOS), Linux/X11 and Mac OS X.

Tcl Extensions:

  • TclMacBag - Mac OS X style widgets on Mac, appropriate Tile fallbacks when called on other platforms.
  • TclTalkback - A bit like Microsoft Online Crash Analysis for Tcl.
  • TclMiniSplash - Small, simple splash screen for Tcl/Tk apps.

Tcl Extensions in development:

  • ScoreProgress [L1 ] - a progress bar which can display success and failure.

Tclish bits and pieces:

  • Tcl MP3 Alarm Clock - Find radio shock jocks offensive? Find buzzer and bell ringing sounds an awful way to start the day? Wake up to your MP3s.
  • USB FAT Semi-Auto-Mount - Semi-automatically mounts your USB drives to your chosen root directory by their disk label.

Some other wiki pages I've had a hand in:


These are some of the projects I've been working on.

2Dirs1Cup [L2 ]RanPassUI [L3 ]
HoursCalc [L4 ]
Padded [L5 ]RReplace [L6 ]

Tcl/Tk Merchandise:

I've recently put up a Tcl/Tk design at Redbubble [L8 ] - mugs, t-shirts, tote and drawstring bags, and iPhone/iPad covers.


Best to use my contact form here [L9 ]. Alternately, I'm sometimes in the Tcl Chatroom.

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