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Kroc 2004-10-05: When you go to a foreign country for the very first time, things are easiest if a local (an inhabitant :-)) gets to help you. He/She can help you find a cheap accomodation or a good restaurant, tell you the kind of transport you can use to reach a given place, take you around his city. And this will be done far better than you could do it with Internet.

So, if you're ready to help Tcl'ers who wish to come to your country or city, just add your name in the list below (please keep countries in alphabetical order and sub-categorize by state name for USA or province name for Canada).


  • South Africa - US (Cape Town)


  • Argentina - MS (Buenos Aires)
  • Brazil - ECS (Minas Gerais: Belo Horizonte), LES (Santos, SP), Silas (São Bernardo do Campo, SP), Fabricio Rocha (Brasilia, DF), DVB (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
  • Canada: Ontario -
  • Canada: Québec -
  • Mexico - JM (Monterrey: North of Mexico)
  • USA: California - AF (San Francisco / San Jose), VI (San Jose)
  • USA: Colorado - RR (Colorado Springs)
  • USA: Connecticut - tony baldwin tonytraductor (same guy) (New Haven), PYK (Waterford)
  • USA: Illinois - sheila (Chicago area), Bryan Oakley (NW 'burbs of Chicago)
  • USA: Louisiana - GWL (New Orleans area)
  • USA: Maryland and Washington DC - DL (Rockville / Gaithersburg), msw (Gaithersburg), MPJ (Columbia near Baltimore)
  • USA: New York - kbk (Niskayuna - near Albany), RHS (Newburgh, but in the process of moving to Westchester... have lived in Poughkeepsie (Wappingers) and Albany (Troy) areas, and can provide info about both if needed)
  • USA: North Carolina - drh (Charlotte)
  • USA: Ohio - LV (Columbus)
  • USA: Texas - sheila (Beaumont, Port Arthur), AMG (Dallas)
  • USA: Utah - MC (near Salt Lake City), PYK (near Salt Lake City)
  • USA: Virginia - RLH (Winchester, Front Royal area)
  • USA: Washington - BAS, Hai Vu in Mill Creek (North of Seattle)



  • Austria - AvL (Vienna)
  • Belgium - DcK (Brussels)
  • Finland - Setok (Helsinki)
  • France - Kroc (La Rochelle), EB (Paris), David Cobac (Angers), Luc Moulinier (Strasbourg)
  • Germany - rmax (Nürnberg), RS (Konstanz), TR (Lübeck), HZe (Kaiserslautern), male (Berlin), UK (Kappeln/Schleswig), de (Stuttgart), HJG (Darmstadt), MAKR (Darmstadt)
  • Greece - NB (Chania, Crete)
  • Holland --> see the Netherlands
  • Iceland - Zarutian (Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæðið)
  • Italy - davidw (Padova), Salvatore Sanfilippo (Sicily: Ragusa/Agrigento), HCL (Bologna)
  • Poland - Googie (Krakow)
  • Portugal - nscerqueira (Porto, Braga)
  • Portugal - ZLM (Lisboa, Setúbal)
  • Spain - ramsan (Barcelona)
  • the Netherlands - AM (Rotterdam and Delft), PS (Utrecht), TV (Amsterdam, the Hague native, Delft graduate) transported CF back from brussels from fosdem as it happens... (I can't recommend the netherlands which means low country, or holland which means the same or hollow land). (Jar on 3-7-2007 -> Why don't you recommend The Netherlands?). RA (Utrecht and Amsterdam)
  • United Kingdom - DKF (Manchester / Bradford), NEM (Nottingham)


  • Australia - CMcC I know a pub! (Sydney), stevel (Perth)
  • New Zealand - AET (Dunedin, South Island)
  • Tokelau (home of the .tk domain) - see here: [L1 ]

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