Tk examples

Here are links to some pages in the Tcler's Wiki which give Tcl/Tk code examples. It is currently incomplete, missing many things by, e.g RS and KPV. Some things on this page should probably be moved to demo.

See Also

Tk syntax help
Widgets in the initial Tk package
Tcl examples

Short and Sweet

A little stopwatch

Button widget

Simple Launch Pad

Text widget

Text widget example
with editor menu
Simple search and replace
A change-sensitive text widget
Read-only text widget
A little hypertext system
A little spellchecker
Text widget syntax highlighting
Text Widget Undo/Redo
A minimal editor explained
A little Unicode editor
A little Korean editor

Canvas widget

(roughly in order of complexity -- please help to collaboratively bubble-sort this list!)

Tk Dali Clock
A little A/D clock
Vanishing Child
Dragon Curve
Why manhole covers are round
Animations on a Canvas
Affine transforms on a canvas
An analog clock in Tk
Canvas pixel painting
A little checker game
A little Yahtzee game
Describing and rendering flags in Tcl
A little function plotter
Moon Lander
notes on a canvas
A Simple Fan Animation
Photo gradients
Turtle graphics the Logo way
Model railroading with Tcl
a running steam locomotive; trains3.tcl
Postcard from Switzerland
Pivot Stickman
Car racing in Tcl
ReadME - a simple online character recognizer
Playing UML
A symmetric doodler
Etwas Warmes braucht der Mensch
Xmas Stars
A 'PlotQuik' Pie Chart GUI ... for making pie charts QUICKLY
3dviewer : A canvas only viewer of 3D data
Generating Syntax Diagrams Using Tk
Functional imaging
a journey into image synthesis


A little calculator
An entry with a history
bound to cursor keys
A little spreadsheet
recomputes sums on each keystroke
A minimal console
Menus made easy
Scroll bars that appear only when needed
Paning widgets
Listbox navigation by keyboard
An i15d date chooser
with canvas, checkbutton, radiobuttons
A minimal table example
with a binding for row selection