Wiki with style

On 24 October 2007 the Wiki received a makeover - and there's more to come! Including Google Searching & a new front page

Whilst not yet perfect (nor will it ever be) the new Wiki contains the same contents as the old, but presented in a fresher and (hopefully) more "newbie" friendly way.

The main difference you'll notice is the menu and Table of Contents (TOC) on the left. You can turn it on and off using the "Show menu" / "Hide menu" links at the bottom of each page.

The Recent Changes page has been made more tabular. If you see a table with borders and rows have alternating coloured backgrounds you need to flush your browser cache using Shift-Refresh / CTRL-F5 to get the new CSS.

An attempt has been made to make the Wiki render acceptably well on all common platforms (Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, Konqueror, Opera, IE6, IE7). IE6 has some issues but they are mostly cosmetic (e.g., the spurious highlighting of some entries in the menu). The solution is to install Firefox :)

The look and feel are the first steps in the makeover.

The design assumes JavaScript is enabled and gives the best experience if it is (e.g., hierarchical menus). To see what you're missing look at

Comments, suggestions and problem reports are welcome and encouraged - but please recognize that for every 10 Tclers there will be at least 12 opinions relating to web design.

The TOC is an initial "placeholder" and is being revised by Sean Deely Woods and others with experience in cataloging. It might be best to withhold any comments on the TOC contents until the next revision.

Please record suggestions via so that they can be tracked.

The work was performed by Jos Decoster, Steve Landers and Colin McCormack.

EF Awesome work, congrats!

RLH Comment : I liked the old way of showing code. Maybe something between the new and old?

IDG Yep! And mine is that the default font is too small. Otherwise it looks great!

WJR Wow! This looks terrific (OS X + Camino). Nice job all!

WJG Great, a much improved interface. If property has 'curb-appeal', then a web site needs 'browse-appeal'. Nothing too fancy or overdone, something practical and easy to read. I use Firefox on Linux and so the fonts appear smaller compared to Windows, so perhaps the default fonts could be larger. Otherwise, excellent stuff!

stevel FYI - fonts improved - thanks for the feedback. 25 Oct 2008

IDG Yes, much nicer today! Thanks.

MAKR Nothing more to say, except: Thanks all!

TR - Cool, tables!! This is great news!

Cell 1 cell 2

stevel Yes - Jos Decoster has implemented table support and also support for centred blocks. For a good example of how to use (including using both to centre the Categories at the bottom of each page) see Scripted Compiler.

stevel Suggestions/problem reports moved to so that they can be tracked. As requested above, please don't post them here.

LV Also note that Jos describes the various features on his page, right now. I expect that the information will also appear on some of the standard wiki pages (like Wiki formatting rules, or the editing quick reference) as time permits wikignomes to perform such updates.

DcK I agree, this is a very nice refresh and the proof a wiki can definitely be convivial!

MG Thanks for all the hard work, the new wiki is looking great. Any reason there's so much pale grey on white, though? The old colours for code were much easier to read, I think. (see [L1 ] - stevel) MG Thanks, will post comments there.

stevel For an approach that allows you to substitute your own CSS using privoxy, see the end of Luciano ESs page

Zarutian proposes an automatically generated page(s) (like the is) that gives an list of all the pages on the wiki in alphabetical order. Handy for when searching for an something you don't remember what was called but know it when you see it. (DKF: You do know how many pages there are? If you want to find something using approximate searching, use Google with as one of the terms.)

LV Also, over 60% of the titles are useless - typos, code fragments, etc.

LES made it possible to Hack the Wiki Style to Your Liking