(According to the mod_tcl and Websh projects are no longer supported (2023). Rivet is still developed and supported.)

mod_tcl is a more complete link of Apache with Tcl. It makes available the full Apache C API so that it is possible to write Apache modules in Tcl. mod_tcl is only for Apache 2.0 at the moment, but will hopefully be the focus of future Apache Tcl efforts. If performance does not suffer, it should be possible to make available NeoWebScript or mod_dtcl modules for mod_tcl. Go to to read more about mod_tcl

Michael Link authored mod_tcl.

The mod_tcl pages at have all sorts of interesting stuff about mod_tcl... too bad they don't have a download link.

Apparently, you overlooked the big arrow on the right with 'download' written underneath!

NO. There is no big arrow and no 'download' written anywhere there, sorry. Maybe the page requires IE or something...

Looks like you're using a browser that doesn't know how to render png images (some old Netscape perhaps?). Here's the direct link:

The download link is corrupt and anon cvs unreachable...any mirrors?

Looks like it works fine with links and lynx.

Here's how it is supposed to look like:

Seems to be one of many bugs with Netscape-4.8 for Solaris ;^(

Also a problem with Netscape 4.79 for Solaris. escargo

My netscape on linux identifies itself as 4.77 although I thought I had 4.78, and with some PNG images, it displays the black pixel as white. I don't know why, or which generator these images come from. Perhaps this is the problem you're seeing on Solaris?

I did not see any images at all. -- escargo

Same here. -- [nobody]

On document mod_tcl talk about globals variables defined at apache conf file, so we can read on in

...Variables set from the configuration file are automatically set in the calling scripts namespace, so the Tcl keyword variable will be required when using these variables...

But I'm wondering how refers globals variables defined at Apache file conf ?. Having definition like Tcl_Var my_number 7 on apache conf file and script, How do I refer my_number global variable on script ?


RLH - Apache on Windows version?

I am testing mod_tcl on Apache 2.0.50 at RedHat 9. I am needing to create globals variables like documentation mention it in order to try connections at sesions scope levels.