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Updated 2002-08-08 10:51:32

XSLT = XSL Transformations.

The specification can be found at

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The March 2002 Linux Journal [L1 ] leads off with an introduction to XSLT [L2 ] which features tDOM.

Two implementations are already in industrial production. Zveno's TclXSLT .... Early in development, Zveno also wrapped James Clark's XSL processor with TclBlend (!). This is now obsolete. Zveno's standard TclXSLT, like its TclXML, comes in both pure-Tcl and compiled-with-C flavors.

Jochen Loewer's tDOM includes XSLT (and XPath!) capabilities which make it the fastest raw engine available, better even than any of the commercial Java offerings.

Neil Madden, aware of the existing XSLT implementations, is considering wrapping (Apache's) Xalan or even coding a subset of XSLT in pure Tcl.

NEM - I've given up on this as I managed to compile tDOM with XSLT support for the platforms I need.

Would Graphlet [L3 ] make for a nice XSLT front end? What are the other Graph editors?

AK I do not believe so, at least not at first glance. At its core XSLT is a tree transformation language.

[Recommend Mike Kay's XSLT Programmer's Reference.]

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