Inventory of Tcl Packages

To get insight in the binary extensions and the Tcl/Tk packages in general that are in use with Tcl/Tk (and thereby get insight in the consequences of changes in the implementation of Tcl/Tk) we would like to know what extensions or packages people use. So, if you want to contribute, add your favorites to this page and we will try to assemble them into a comprehensive catalogue.

Note: the name and possibly the platform will suffice for the moment.

Note 2: stevel and myself discussed if it would be useful to include Tcl/Tk packages, so not just the compiled ones, in this inventory as well. Therefore there is now a second table for filling in any package. If you are not sure what category the piece of software you use falls in, use the second one (after all: a package may consist of both a scripted component and a binary component and you may not always be aware of it). We are not seeking absolute correctness here. An indication of the platform would be useful though, even if it is a purely Tcl-only package.


(Add your information below, alphabetically please)

AM Note: list by chw very long ;)

AM As pointed out by saito, there is another page that lists Tcl/Tk packages and extensions:

CawtwindowsHarmOlthof PO Ralfixx APE
ceptcllinuxstwo sbronVersion 0.3
CFFI Packagewindows, linuxgithub APN
crimpWindowschiselapp HarmOlthof
Critclwindows, linuxPO AKnot binary itself, just the results
dbuslinuxchiselapp sbron
Expectlinuxcgm "deacon" KJN
fitsTclwindows, linuxPO
fswatchlinuxchiselapp sbron
GarudawindowsGitHub JJM
Imgwindows, linux, darwin "dave b" EB PO Ralfixx RPH ALX sbron "deacon" de KJN nurdglaw CN APE
iocpsockwindows, linuxRalfixx
itclwindows, linuxRalfixx "deacon" CN
itkwindows, linuxRalfixx CN
kitgen??KJNAlso rechan for starkit-lite
NaCl - Networking and Cryptography library (pronounced "salt")windows, linux, ALX
oratcl??saito ALX
Package iocpwindowsEB HaO
photoresizelinuxGitHub sbron
piiolinuxchiselapp sbron
rbcwindows"dave b" EB ALX APE
rl_jsonwindows, linux, darwinGitHub auriocus EB ALX sbron
signallinuxmschwart sbron
sqlite3windows, linux, Androwish, darwinsourceforge EB PO RZ AK ALX sbron de APE idb
snackwindows, linuxRalfixx APE
Tbcloadwindows, linuxsbron "deacon" ALX
Tcl3Dwindows, linuxPO chw
tclCurllinuxauriocus EB
tclcsvwindowsmagicsplat HarmOlthof de
tclMuPdfwindows, linux"dave b" PO de
tclodbcwindowsHaO deobsolete
tcl-opencvwindows, posixgithub chw APE
TclRALwindows, linux, Androidchiselapp luochunlei
tcltlswindows, linux, darwin, AndrowishHaO ALX de KJN idbSee also tls below, libressl
TclUDPwindows, linux, darwinEB PO Ralfixx ALX sbron APE idb
tcluvclinux,darwin,* chw
tclvfs??KJN chw
tdbcwindows, linux, darwinsourceforge RZ ALX APE
tdbc::mysqlwindowssourceforge nurdglaw APE
tdbc::odbcwindows, linux, darwinsourceforge HaO RZ ALX
tdbc::postgreswindowscore HarmOlthof
tdbc::sqlite3windows, linux, darwincore HaO HarmOlthof ALX nurdglaw APE
tDOMwindows, linux, Androwish, dawrinAPN EB HaO HarmOlthof PO ALX sbron "deacon" de KJN nurdglaw APE
threadwindows, linuxsourceforge EB HaO RZ sbron APE
tixwindows, linuxRalfixx "deacon"
tkdndwindows, linux, darwingithub EB PO Ralfixx RZ NAB CN
tkhtmlwindows, linuxEB sbronin particular version 2.0
tkhtml3windows, linuxde
tkowindows, linuxchiselapp RZneed pdf4tcl to print
tkpathwindowsEB APE
tksvgwindows, linuxHaO PO KJN
tktablewindows, linuxEB Ralfixx "deacon" de
tktreectrlwindows, linuxAPN cgm EB de APE(Also known as "treetrl"?)
tlswindows, linuxEB HarmOlthof RPH sbron nurdglawSee also tcltls above
topcuawindows, chw
tserialport - Get a list of Serial Ports (native, usb and bluetooth)windows, linux, ALX APE
twapiwindowssourceforge APN HaO EB PO Ralfixx RZ de KJN APE idb
tzint - tcl package for libzint barcode encoding library (no Tk needed)windows, linux, ALX APE
v4l2linux,* chw
vlerq??KJNWith vqtcl for starkit-lite
webshlinux, ALX


(Add your information below, alphabetically please)

Awthemeswindows, linux, darwinsourceforge tksvgNAB CN
baltip, balloon tipwindows, linux, darwinNAB CN
dbiflinuxchiselapp dbussbron
fsdialoglinuxchiselapp NAB
Mentrywindows, linux, NAB CN
mqttwindows, linuxchiselapp sbron
ooxml - ECMA-376 Office Open XML File Formats (spreadsheet)windows, linux, ALX CN
Package Client Toolset, et alwindows, linux, darwinarchive http, tls, GPG JJM
pdf4tclwindows, linux, darwinpdf4tcl AM RZ ALX
Plotchartwindowstklib --AM
Scrollutilwindows, linux, PO NAB CN
tablelistwindows, linux, PO RZ ALX NAB CN
Taskswindowsgithub threadAM
Ukazwindows, linuxPO
Wcbwindows, linux, NAB CN
wwwwindows, linuxchiselapp thread, sqlite3, tlssbron