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Recent Changes

I'm currently working on two large projects:

The first is an all-new megawidget toolkit called the eWidgets Toolkit.

The second is an application framework and operating environment called Mogul.

Back in 2001, I started a project called "Pocket Tcl Environment" which is now no longer being developed, pending release of these new projects (above). Pocket Tcl won the Grand Prize in Compaq's Linux Developers' Contest for Handhelds (announced at LinuxWorld Expo, August 2001) [L1 ].

See the Links/Downloads section at the bottom for my humble package contributions.

Send me an email at: mailto:[email protected]

Question: Is there a TIP submitted yet with regards to your tkwm patches?

Answer: These are not *my* tkwm patches, I just modified them to compile with 8.3.4. They were written by Neil McKay and can be found at . In fact, Neil wrote TIP #47 ("Modifying Tk to Allow Writing X Window managers") which was incorporated into 8.4.0. There is also his rootwin extension for turning the Tk root window '.' into the X root window (I couldn't get it to compile though). See also Tkwm.

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