Introspection Commands

A list of all commands that offer some introspection.

It would be useful to understand the definition of introspection being used for the direction of this page. In the way the word is typically used in Tcl, I don't understand the connection to eof, the file commands, some of the interp commands listed perhaps, parray, pid, puts, etc.

Tcl typically has used the word introspection to mean 'command used to return information about some aspect of the tcl interpreter's state'.

MGS [2003/10/03] - Agreed. I'm including commands that can:

  • get system information (files, pid, etc)
  • display info (puts, parray)
  • return info about anything (rather than commands that actually do something)

I've been using many of these commands in a library to dump the complete (as far as possible) state of an interp. I created this page as a reference of all commands that can tell you something about anything.

I guess you could say I'm looking more at system introspection as opposed to interp introspection.

Tcl Introspection

Tk Introspection

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