Matthias Hoffmann

I started tcl programming in the windows 3.11-days, after a long period of hard DOS-programming tasks... I'm frequently writing system-scripts and sometimes userprograms with Tk-GUIs. Other used languages are PowerBasic for windows or REXX. Still surprised by the power and elegance of tcl/tk, and the improvement of the development productivity. Unfortunally, the management stuff almost always never heard anything about tcl/tk... Though tried Linux many times, I've not escaped yet from Windows...

My personal homepage is here and there, actually: . Maybe I'll post some code snippets at this page.

Additionally, I will post modules and/or programs here:


I'm not aware of any facts that should prevent you from using the code listet here... But don't blame me if something's goin' wrong!

Pointers to interesting pages and Place to create new pages: (I should better maintain this instead of my local mozilla bookmarks...)