Overview (and images) of logo-background, icon-background, button, bullet making Tk scripts

uniquename 2012nov22

Over the past several months (Aug through Nov 2012), I have made about 10 utilities to make nice images (on a Tk canvas) that can be used for

  • logo backgrounds
  • icon backgrounds
  • rectangular buttons
  • round bullets.

These can be used to embellish Tk GUI's and to embellish web pages.

I think it would be helpful to collect some images from those utilities to give a quick overview (on one page) of the nice images that can be put to good use in making nice Tk GUI's, nice web pages, nice logos, and nice 'title blocks'.

From the page GUI for Drawing a 'Super-Formula' Shape, with nice shaded border, here are a few images showing that one can make nice images for logo backgrounds or icon backgrounds --- in a variety of shapes: star-like, petal-like, snowflake-like.




From the page GUI for Drawing a Disk with centered lighting and with nice shading, here is an image showing that one can make nice disk-like or sphere-like images for logo backgrounds or icon backgrounds --- or, by reducing the size quite a bit, images for 'bullets' for web pages and Tk GUI's.


And if you want some disks/spheres on which the lighting-highlight is off-center, from the page GUI for Drawing 'Gradient Spheres' (lighted disks), with lots of control, there are images like the following. (The edges are not 'feathered' quite as nicely as the images above, but these may still be useful.)



I plan to crop some of these images and add some text using my 'TitleBlock' utility at the page A GUI for making 'Title Blocks' ... with text, fonts, colors, images, to make some logo images, from these images, to demonstrate here.


From the page GUI for Drawing Rectangular 'Buttons' with nice shaded edges, here is an image showing that one can make nice rectangular images for use in making buttons for Tk GUI's.


And if you want nice looking buttons with rounded corners, from the page GUI for Drawing 'Super-ellipses', with nice shaded edges, here are a couple of nice rounded-corners button images --- for exponent N=6 and N=22.



(I may add a color-gradient capability to the super-ellipse-with-nice-shaded-edges utility someday --- to get even nicer buttons with rounded corners.)

These button images could be used in combination with the techniques that I have demonstrated on the page Version 2 of a demo of THEMES for Tk GUI's, using images and colors --- to make some 'embellished' Tk GUI's.

I may make a Version 3 demo, demonstrating a way of making buttons with rounded corners --- for buttons with varying text lengths on the buttons.

Holy Logos, Batman.

And for another approach to making backgrounds for logos and icons, on the page GUI for Drawing a 3D Donut (a ring) with nice shaded edges, there are images like the following 'black hole' (or other colored hole) images.




In fact, one of these images was used in my 'TitleBlock' utility, posted at A GUI for making 'Title Blocks' ... with text, fonts, colors, images, to make the following image --- made from an image placed on the canvas and then adding some text on the canvas, to the right of the image.


And here is an example of using a combination of images and text in the 'TitleBlock' utility to pay homage to our favorite programming language.


More Types of Logo/Icon/Button/Bullet Images To Come

This is just a start at making nice quality objects for embellishing Tk GUI's (and web pages) --- using Tk GUI's to make those objects.

I have some other utilities (Tk scripts) in the works that can be used to make logo/icon/button/bullet images in somewhat different ways:

  • f(x,y) 3D plot utilities
  • 3D model examining utilities
  • gradient spline utilities
  • gradient f(x)/f(y) utilities
  • enhancement of some of the 'nice edges' utilities above

And I have not really explored yet what I/we can do with the image creation utility:

Functional Imaging with a High-Capacity GUI

and the image editing utility:

GUI for Editing Photo-images with Functions

So check back in a few months for more examples of logo/icon/button/bullet images --- and pointers to the pages with the code that made those images.

Tk, I want to show all those nay-sayers out there that say 'Tk is dead' that you are not dead at all. You were only taking a little nap.