Project Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2010

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Idea pageNotes
GSoC Idea: Tk - Factor Photo Image Handling
GSoC Idea: Tcl state machine back-end module for XMLVMGSOC2010:Tcl state machine back-end module for XMLVM
GSoC Idea: Gnocl
GSoC Idea: TkPath
GSoC Idea: Computational geometry for glyph outlines
GSoC Idea: Themed Tk on UnixGSOC2010:Themed Tk on Unix
GSoC Idea: Garbage Collection for Tcl Values
GSoC Idea: Parsing mathematical expressions
GSoC Idea: Wrapping numerical libraries
GSoC Idea: Tcl FireFox Scripting and DOM access
GSoC Idea: More mtmtcl structures
GSoC Idea: Implement More Mikroconf Modules
GSoC Idea: Megawidget development
GSoC Idea: Auto Documentation Tool for Tcl
GSoC Idea: Continue BLT Library Refactoring
GSoC Idea: Create Free-standing Slate Widget
GSoC Idea: Fossil Tk Client
GSoC Idea: Controlling (numerical) computations and simulations
GSoC Idea: SCORM Compliant Run-Time Environment for OpenACSGSOC2010:SCORM Compliant Run-Time Environment for OpenACS
GSoC Idea: MapReduce Algorithm Using Scripted Channels and Threads
GSoC Idea: OpenStreetMapGSOC2010:OpenStreetMap package and editor in Tcl/Tk
GSoC Idea: Wub + OpenACS + TDBCGSOC2010:OpenACS Abstraction Layer
GSoC Idea: Loading shared libraries from memory2008
Tcl: Better string sentence and title case handling
Tk: Demo Expansion
Tcllib: XLS Read/Write
Tcl Application Server
Tclhttpd: refurbish
Tk: Curses implementation of Tk
Tk: Icon Themes
AOLserver: libpurple integration
Tcl[?]: Complete TclScript project for IE scripting
Tcl/Tk Browser Plugin: User-Privileged Security
Tcl/Tk Browser Plugin: OSX Port
Improving dotLRN
Tcl: Constraints
Tk: Drag-n-drop for Aqua
OpenScripting Tcl
Glade XML to Tk translator
Cicero refurbish

From Things holding Tcl back:

  1. Printing support!
  2. Add Drag and Drop support for Mac.
  3. Support for more textured backgrounds in Tk and Tile on Mac. Pinstripe's terribly unfashionable. Ideally, we should be able to define our own background images.
  4. Alpha transparency in widget backgrounds.
  5. A KDE theme for Tile, incorporated in the base Tile download.
  6. A Gnome theme for Tile, also incorporated in base Tile.

New suggestions:

  1. Fix binary-support with low-level tempfile-creation API, so that 'exec ... << "$data"' doesn't fail with \0-bytes - very long overdue.