Project Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2011

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Table Of Ideas

Idea pageNotes
GSoC Idea: <An Idea Of Your Own>
GSoC Idea: ePubKit, an eReader built upon TkHtml3HTML Rendering, Web Development
GSoC Idea: Debugging tools for NREGSoC 2011: Debugging tools for NRE
interpreter back-end, command dispatch, NRE, debugging, C and gdb
GSoC Idea: Microbenchmarking extensionC, extensions, cpu counters, portability
GSoC Idea: Megawidget development
GSoC Idea: Megawidget development - a WYSIWYG text editor widget capable to render html / wikit format in pure tcl / ootcl
GSoC Idea: Megawidget development - ImageFlow widget image presentation, gui user experience
GSoC Idea: Write a ctext-like Megawidget for right-to-left writing and display
GSoC Idea: Tcl FireFox Scripting and DOM access
GSoC Idea: Auto Documentation Tool for Tcl
GSoC Idea: Continue BLT Library Refactoring
GSoC Idea: Create Free-standing Slate Widget
GSoC Idea: Gnocl
GSoC Idea: TkPath
GSoC Idea: Fossil Tk Client
GSoC Idea: MapReduce Algorithm Using Scripted Channels and Threads
GSoC Idea: Build system for extensions
GSoC Idea: Core Performance Analysis
GSoC Idea: Core KLEE Analysis
GSoC Idea: Extending CRIMPimage processing
GSoC Idea: Binding To Hwlocportable hardware locality, system introspection
Google APPs API
GSoc Idea: Grid Manager and Html GeneratorHTML Rendering, Web Development
GSoC Idea: Tcl Plugin for Netbeans
GSoc Idea: Move Gnocl to Gtk+3/Gnome3C bindings, GUI development
GSoC Idea: Tk Backend for the Wayland Display Protocol
GSoC Idea: (Wub(?) based) Web Services (WSDL/SOAP based) Application Server
GSoC Idea: Computational geometry for glyph outlines
GSoC Idea: Garbage Collection for Tcl Values
GSoC Idea: Parsing mathematical expressions
GSoC Idea: Wrapping numerical libraries
GSoC Idea: More mtmtcl structures
GSoC Idea: Implement More Mikroconf Modules
GSoC Idea: Controlling (numerical) computations and simulations
GSoC Idea: Tk - Factor Photo Image Handling
GSoC Idea: Tcl - Generate a Tcl Web service client given a Web Service WSDL URL
GSoC Idea: Tcl - Create a package that allows a Tcl application to invoke Microsoft SharePoint functionality
GSoC Idea: Parse TrueType/OpenType font data
GSoC Idea: A W3C Widget Compliant Widget Content Packaging Infrastructure for OpenACS

Idea pageNotes
GSoC Idea: Comparative Analysis of GUI ToolkitsRETRACTED
GSoC Idea: Tcl state machine back-end module for XMLVMGSOC2010:Tcl state machine back-end module for XMLVM
GSoC Idea: Themed Tk on UnixGSOC2010:Themed Tk on Unix
GSoC Idea: SCORM Compliant Run-Time Environment for OpenACSGSOC2010:SCORM Compliant Run-Time Environment for OpenACS
GSoC Idea: OpenStreetMapGSOC2010:OpenStreetMap package and editor in Tcl/Tk
GSoC Idea: Wub + OpenACS + TDBCGSOC2010:OpenACS Abstraction Layer
GSoC Idea: Loading shared libraries from memory2008

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