Software Configuration Management, commonly taken to mean "source code management", which is more general than "version control", but is often viewed merely in terms of the latter.

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Very minimal, but helpful on small devices.
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In "enterprise"- or management-dominated IT circles, SCM is an acronym for "supply chain management", which is regarded as automatable.


Separate commits for separate issues is very helpful, folks.
- dgp, Tcl Chatroom, 2015-04-03


Source Control HOWTO , Eric Sink
Software Configuration Management FAQ for
Obsolete. Retained online only for archival purposes.

Tcl Integrated SCM Systems

Fossil, by DRH
Qualifies as a Tcl tool because of its close integration with Tcl. Popular in the Tcl community.

Non-Tcl Integrated SCM Systems

More mature, hosted, originally provided only CVS repositories.

Tcl Revision Control Tools

Transaction-based. Open-Source. Sports a Tk interface.
At least initially written in Tcl/Tk.
BitKeeper, originally by Larry McVoy
Decentralized, Proprietary. Uses Tcl extensively.
A SCM tool written in tcl/tk and act as subversion and CVS client. It uses tkdiff.
Written in Tcl, built on top of RCS.

Non-Tcl Revision Control Tools

Distributed, Open-source, written in Python.
A reporting tool for CVS.
Centralized, old skool.
Centralized. Developed as an alternative to CVS.
git, by Linus Torvalds
Distributed, written in C.
distributed, open-source, written in Python
Predates CVS.
In the beginning, there was SCCS.
Serena Dimensions
Centralized. Proprietary.
Mentioned occasionally as useful in interacting with these SCM environments.

Tcl Issue Tracking Tools

Uses SQLite, and oddly enough, its source code is hosted in Fossil.

Non-Tcl Issue Tracking Tools

open-source, long history, widely-used. Bugzilla 1.0 was written in Tcl, with later versions written in Perl.


The two expansions of the acronym SCM mean different things to SCM specialists - see and its FAQ [L1 ].

A variety of Software Configuration Management/Source Code Management strategies are available.

SCM tools with Tcl connections

There had been a few other tools with connection to tcl/tk, that has faded as much as not having a homepage on the Internet. They are:

What: boob
Where: From the contact
Description: Tool Object oriented objection builder which manages SCM builds and repository duties. Written in itcl and uses itcl files as dependencies and build scripts. Rules based dependencies with on the fly scanning of c/c++ files.
Updated: 10/1998
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Bob McWhirter)