... short for Koen Breugelmans.

Tcl/Tk makes my life easier on a daily basis. During the day, I mostly use it at my job for all things system & network administration, and automation. After work it helps me to write simple programs for my own projects, and to make music!


An largely incomplete list of projects I did with Tcl/Tk. Documentation and source-code will be available when I get my website online again (estimated by the end of 2014).

  • ctrl7030, a controller for the AOR 7030 shortwave receiver
  • lisatools, Tcl/Tk tools to interface with LinuxSampler
  • Pomme, a time-tracker for daily and nightly use
  • Tonata, a simple graphical MPD client in Tk
  • vPSPinguin, an interactive stone carving installation together with Wim Tilkin. Submitted as an entry to the 2008 Canvas Collectie , art contest of the belgian national television.
  • Blender , GIMP , Povray Tcl integration and automation
  • ...

Some topics that interest me: