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2021-05-20 18:11:17 Division into Parts by Multiple Ratios and eTCL demo example calculator, numerical analysis gold reference
2011-08-06 18:01:58 factorial RLE reference
2021-06-11 19:46:17 Gauss Approximate Number of Primes and eTCL demo example calculator gold reference
2021-09-30 13:32:21 General Tianji' Horse Race Strategy from China and eTCL demo example calculator, numerical analysis gold reference
2021-07-05 14:46:09 Indian Math Bhaskara (1) Sine formula and extensions, history of math gold reference
2016-01-20 19:08:02 math pooryorick reference
2018-01-06 18:17:25 Official library of extensions pooryorick reference
2021-09-27 14:27:32 One Liners Programs Compendium and TCL demo examples calculations, numerical analysis gold reference
2021-07-05 14:49:49 One Liners Programs Pie in the Sky gold reference
2020-09-26 13:53:44 Oneliner's Pie in the Sky gold5 reference
2021-10-14 12:56:54 Playing Recursion V2 >> demo examples for one liner programs gold reference
2016-12-19 22:03:09 Roman numerals kpv reference
2020-03-31 13:01:41 tcl::mathfunc arjen reference
2021-07-05 14:53:50 Trig Procedures for degree measures as sind, cosd, tand,etc gold reference