Three Cheers for the Wiki


24 Sept 2003 Mike Tuxford: I assume this is in celebration of reaching a 10000 link milestone?

FYI - half of the page numbers are assigned but not filled in, i.e. roughly 5000 pages / 17 Mb of collectively created information (45 Mb in CVS).

25 Sept 2003 TR Dear Wiki! Congratulations to reaching this page! I have thought for months about what to put on this page if I got the chance to be the first to reach it. But I could not come up with something brilliant enough to respectfully represent this stage of Tcl-Wiki evolution. Yes, perhaps the best is to collect some congratulations here! Cheers for the Wiki! For a long and information-rich future ...

25 Sept 2003 PS Perhaps a short history of the wiki, with most active IPs/posters would be a nice purpose for this page.

This wiki started in Jan 1999. No big plans, just to scratch an itch. See the Tcl/Tk 2002 presentation for details [L1 ].

15 Sept 2003 US Congratulations

25 Sept 2003 Juan-Carlos Gil 10000 feathers of wisdom. Cheers!

davidw I think some thanks to jcw are in order!

ak +1

26 september 2003 AM I too want to congratulate the Wiki for reaching this number - with holes and gaps and loads of useful, nice or just funny stuff. I had an idea for this page, but alas, no time and means to realise that idea.

DKF: Think positively! Many of those holes and gaps are opportunities to create more knowledge! (OK, many others - especially those resulting from mistyped code fragments - aren't though.)

ulis Many thanks to jcw!

KBK: Best wishes for the next 10000 pages! Johnson for President!

Lars H: Well. now that we're past 20000 we can observe that tcl::mathop::> wasn't (or isn't yet?) anywhere near as fun as this page.

Someone at wrote in revision 26 of Suggestions for Wikit Diffs Discussion:

Very interesting and beautiful site. It is a lot of helpful information. Thanks!

It seemed more appropriate here, though.

Ken : Congrats to jcw

LV Just an observation. Today, 2006/March 14, the wiki has 15602 pages reserved, with 7578 of those either totally empty or effectively empty.

Lars H, 2008-11-11: While trying to understand why several of the pages LV added to Graph editors (thanks!) got numbers around 6700, despite him apparently creating them today when we're approaching 22000 pages, I made a curious discovery: the pages between 6305 (2Dcbuilder) and 8170 (Zwik) — many of which are empty and not linked to by anything — appear to be in alphabetical order! Even today that is a noticable section of the wiki page-space. Does anyone know how that might have happened? (Some change in Wikit seems likely, but what?)

It's also curious that all of them seem to have sensible names, because if one just types in page numbers from other ranges at random and end up at empty pages, then a significant portion of these were created from substitution brackets in Tcl code that at some point in time got malformatted as paragraph text. It appears these pages were all deliberately mentioned at some point in time, but many were not filled in with content, and now also the mentioning of them seems to be gone.

AK: Page numbers and titles are reserved on first mention in a pair of brackets. Even if the page is not filled in at the time. It stays reserved even if the unfilled link is removed before the page is filled in. I seem to remember that LV had a lot of such unfilled links on his page. Not right now, but at some point in the past.

Lars H: Mystery solved! Indeed all those pages appear to have been assigned due to revision 14 of Larry Virden; see . No software change (e.g. starting to assign numbers to pages before they have been saved) needed, just a huge chunk of content.

KBK 2008-12-15 Oh, yeah. Larry started to wikify the the FAQ files - with a page for each package in the software directory. Jean-Claude at the time was afraid that the Wiki wouldn't be able to handle it, scolded Larry for starting a project that would triple its size without consulting him, and deleted the pages in progress. As you see, a trail was left behind. Fortunately, Larry has persisted, the Wiki's current custodians are much more amenable to the project, and the dead pages are resurrected from time to time.

Scott Beasley 12-02-2008: THIS IS THE BEST LANGUAGE WIKI. Had to say it.