A tree is an acyclic directed-graph data structure where one node (the root) has no predecessor, and all other nodes have exactly one predecessor. Trees can be used, e.g., for representing the result in syntax parsing. An XML document is structured as a tree.

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Includes a list of formats for tree-like data.
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deep list
A standard Tcl list in which each single value is encoded as a list containing only one item, and each sequence of values is a list containing more than one item. This makes it possible to differentiate e.g., the single value one two three from a list containing the values one, two, and three.
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Types of Trees

red-black tree data type


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Move nodes on a Bwidget tree.
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An exploration of both structural approaches for trees, along with some simple graphical interfaces.
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Pythagoras Tree


AMG: A tree is sometimes called a DAG because it is a directed acyclic graph. I find this to be a useful mnemonic.

NEM: Well, all trees are DAGs, but not all DAGs are trees.

AMG: Yes, quite right; see the other tree properties listed in the first line of this page.

LV In the following text, I notice a number of cases where GUI widget sets have some sort of tree widget. In each of these cases, is the data structure intermingled with the data representation? Seems a shame that someone doesn't just build a graphically viewable widget that depends on a data structure that is separate. That way, someone could do work with one piece of code, and then, in other pieces, display that data. Seems like a natural method of developing and maintaining code....