Project Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2012

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A part of Google Summer of Code. to Students who might have found us here.
The Tcl Community was unfortunately not accepted to the Google Summer Of Code 2012.
We will however apply again next year, and hope to make it again.


Table Of Ideas

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GSoC Idea: <An Idea Of Your Own>
GSoC Idea: Merge the core networking code for Unix and Windows
GSoC Idea: TkHtml3
GSoC Idea: Tktable for wtk
GSoc Idea: Testsuite for RAPL
GSoc Idea: New Hash Function for Hash Table Processing
GSoc Idea: Update System Calls in Core for Event Processing
GSoC Idea: Tcl Binding to MessagePack
GSoC Idea: Parser For expr Command
GSoC Idea: Megawidget development
GSoC Idea: Updated Tcl bindings for ZeroMQ

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(AMG: I'm starting this section for people who want to make a note of an idea but don't want to create a separate idea page until it starts to take shape.)

SEH: In previous years, feedback was received from students and others that the Tcl team's main GSoC ideas page was messy and lacked concision due to brainstorming discussions and brief idea notes on the page. Thus the decision was made to break out specific ideas and discussions to separate pages (hence the ideas table above). I'll suggest and add at a minimum a discussion button here to keep things from retrogressing too far, in anticipation of additional input/guidance.

Alpha Blending in the Canvas Widget

AMG: I'd like to be able to specify transparency for items in the canvas. One possibility is to let color names be augmented with an alpha value 0.0-1.0 (or 0-255, whatever). Another is to add a separate -alpha option. Each approach has pros and cons. Alpha-tagged color names permit separate levels of transparency for -outline and -fill (and -activefill and -disabledoutline and all the others) (or -background and -foreground in the case of [deprecated] bitmap items), but they don't mesh well with image and window items which take neither -outline nor -fill options. An -alpha option would cover all canvas items, but doesn't permit separate alpha for outline, fill, activeoutline, etc. Perhaps add alpha versions of all the existing color options, e.g. -outlinealpha, -activefillalpha, etc., but this means doubling the number of color-related options. Obviously this idea needs a bit more thought, though I write it here so it doesn't get lost.

-stride for lsearch

HaO: I would like to see TIP: 351 lsort -stride in the core. Is this a candidate ?