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Purpose: links to pages that compare, connect, or sometimes partially reimplement other programming languages to(in) Tcl. For Tcl application to human, "natural" languages, check the Lish family - and for comparing code snippets with other languages, Tcl in comparison. Or Tcl and other human languages, or Tcl implementations.

LV Hey, if you know of other computer programming languages which have some Tcl/Tk relationship, add them above. Also, if you know of people who have written other languages, based on Tcl, add them as well.

CL also occasionally comments on this topic in [L19 ]. is an interesting Wiki page, a part of an internet encyclopedia. The page provides a time line of applications and programming langauges created from 1840 through 2001.

Then there is the Computer Programming Language Dictionary [L20 ] - check out what it says about Tcl. is a discussion of programming languages, and mentions Tcl as the grand daddy of scripting languages.

unperson, Tuesday 1st March 2005. There is this page I started on C2 a few months ago. It is called: .

Anyone interested in writing a comparison between C/C++ and TCL there?