Monthly Virtual Meetup

The monthly Tcl Virtual Meetup is held the second Tuesday of each month, the time varies from month-to-month to accomodate various timezones.

The next meetup will be held at [clock format 1670954400] - Tuesday 13th December 2022 1800 UTC. If I've got the timezones right this is 10am US West, midday US Central, 1pm US Eastern, 6pm UK, 7pm Western Europe, 11:30pm India, Wednesday 14th 2am Australia West / Singapore / China, 3am Japan, 5am Australia east, 7am New Zealand.

This month Csaba Nemethi (author of tabelist and scrollutil) will present his scaleutil work providing UI scaling in Tk 8.7. Other topics might include the Tcl 8.7 and 9.0 release plans, and Brian/Christian's work on non-shimmering extensions.

The meeting is kindly hosted by Flightaware on Zoom, use this link to join. If that link doesn't work you can connect to Zoom and use Meeting ID: 890 3016 0330 Passcode: 266833 or dial-in via a local number found via this link

Notes from previous meetings: