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JM 2019-01-06 - I can only say Wow! and thanks kpv

kpv You're welcome. I'm really glad there's this forum for me to share my weekend projects. You can find another list of my projects on my name page .

tcl-only datefield screenshot not found
sockspy screenshot not found
Dragon Curve vetter_DragonCurve_wiki3349_step8_screenshot_410x487.jpg
Octabug vetter_Octabug_wiki3494_animatedOctahedron_screenshot_667x543.jpg
TkTopoMap vetter_TkTopoMaps_wiki3926_screenshot_398x506.jpg
Why manhole covers are round screenshot not found
3D Maze vetter_3D-Maze_wiki4188_mazeANDcontrols_screenshot_582x502.jpg
TkOverload vetter_TkOverload_gameBoard_screenshot_243x342.jpg
Dot to Dots vetter_dot2dot_screenshot_1015x663.jpg
Pass by reference screenshot not found
Maritime Signal Flags WikiDbImage maritime.jpg
Fractal Mountains
Møiré Patterns vetter_MoirePattern_wiki4602_screenshot_708x531.jpg
Mandelbrot WikiDbImage mandelbrot.jpg
TkMapper vetter_TkMapper_wiki6277_screenshot_1024x547.jpg
Bitmap Editor vetter_bitmapEditor_wiki6298_screenshot_592x468.jpg
a triangle puzzle vetter_nestedTriangles_wiki8280_screenshot_708x580.jpg
TkRose vetter_TkRose_wiki8295_roseANDcontrols_screenshot_623x546.jpg
Morley's Miracle vetter_MorleysMiracle_triangle_screenshot_636x476.jpg
Bulging Line Illusion vetter_BulgingLineIllusion_wiki8340_GLWB_screenshot_405x470.jpg
Hilbert Curve WikiDbImage hilbert.gif
Buffon's Needle vetter_BuffonsNeedles_wiki8407_screenshot_719x611.jpg
3 Triangles 3 Triangles screen.png
tkAtaxx WikiDbImage tkataxx.jpg
Polyhedron Nets vetter_polyhedronNets_wiki8528_screenshot_592x444.jpg
Cubic Splines vetter_cubicSpline_wiki8536_screenshot_571x392.jpg
Arrow buttons vetter_ArrowButtons_wiki8554_screenshot_110x106.jpg
Drawing rounded polygons vetter_Drawing-rounded-polygons_wiki8590_screenshot_508x547.jpg
Canvas Rotation clown2.jpeg
Named Colors screenshot not found
tkGoldberg vetter_tkGoldberg_wiki8607_screenshot_866x711.jpg
Regular Polygons 2 vetter_regularPolygons2_wiki8612_screenshot_542x477.jpg
3D Hilbert Curve vetter_3DhilbertCurve_wiki8723_screenshot_636x508.jpg
Playing Card Images screenshot not found
Scat vetter_Scat_feltAndCards_screenshot_629x547.jpg
Falling Marbles
Rain Storm
Lissajous Figures vetter_lissajousFigures_wiki8875_screenshot_615x480.jpg
Puzzle Blocks
Video Poker vetter_VideoPoker_screenshot_423x483.jpg
Eliminator vetter_Eliminator_screenshot_203x288.jpg
Gem Game
Triangle Madness WikiDbImage trianglemadness.jpg
Square Root screenshot not found
Hack-O-Matic vetter_Hack-O-Matic_binary-editor_wiki9755_screenshot_261x403.jpg
Printing text files under Windows screenshot not found
Variable versus a Global Array screenshot not found
TkMines vetter_tkmines_screenshot_1011x665.jpg
Widget Configure screenshot not found
I love foreach I love foreach screenshot2.png
Starfield vetter_Starfield_wiki10100_screenshot_503x371.jpg
Collapse WikiDbImage TCL_wiki_Collapse_Game.PNG
Pastel Colors vetter_PastelColors_mainGUI_screenshot_151x125.jpg
Wiki History Diff screenshot not found
Word Jumble vetter_WordJumble_screenshot_776x438.jpg
Pig Latin screenshot not found
SkipList screenshot not found
SkipList Demo screenshot not found
Fern Fractal vetter_FernFractal_wiki10492_screenshot_609x548.jpg
A Very Simple Weather App screenshot not found
A Simple Fan Animation vetter_fanBladesAnimation_wiki10820_screenshot_257x322.jpg
Parsing XML screenshot not found
Parallel Geturl vetter_ParallelGeturl_wiki11060_screenshot_827x545.jpg
Azimuth Plotting screenshot not found
Universal Transverse Mercator vetter_UniversalTransverseMercator_wiki13044_screenshot_616x142.jpg
Print Area Selector screenshot not found
Convolutions screenshot not found
Following Redirects screenshot not found
Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe game screen.png
Lights Out vetter_LightsOut_screenshot_649x526.jpg
Rush Hour WikiDbImage rushhour.gif
Word Search vetter_WordSearch_screenshot_474x483.jpg
A simple Font Viewer screenshot not found
Dynix2RSS screenshot not found
TriPeaks Solitaire vetter_TriPeaks_feltAndCards_screenshot_741x416.jpg
Can You Read This? screenshot not found
WAV Dump screenshot not found
XML Tree Walking screenshot not found
My House vetter_MyHouse_wiki14330_screenshot_479x361.jpg
BMP Dump screenshot not found
Hold'Em Solitaire vetter_HoldEmSolitaire_feltAndCards_screenshot_1021x711.jpg
Simple Tktable vetter_Simple-Tktable_wiki14901_demo_screenshot_294x250.jpg
3d Matrix Inversion screenshot not found
Labyrinth vetter_LabyrinthGame_screenshot_661x601.jpg
Smallest Enclosing Disc vetter_smallestEnclosingDisk_screenshot_526x472.jpg
The Classic 15 Puzzle vetter_15puzzle_wiki15067_screenshot_208x291.jpg
Animated Circles vetter_animatedCircles_wiki15104_screenshot_404x225.jpg
Wavy Text screenshot not found
Mind Reader screenshot not found
Kandinsky Dance vetter_KandinskyDance_wiki15178_animation_screenshot_507x413.jpg
Spotlight vetter_Spotlight_wiki15238_screenshot_325x284.jpg
Magnifying Glass vetter_MagnifyingGlass_wiki15239_zoom2_screenshot_322x266.jpg
Colliding Blocks
Lights On
Ring Master vetter_RingMaster_wiki15442_canvas_screenshot_465x377.jpg
Capturing Multiple Screens screenshot not found
Shadow Photo WikiDbImage shadow.jpg
Photo Gallery vetter_PhotoGallery_wiki15611_top_screenshot_557x547.jpg
Montana Solitaire vetter_MontanaSolitaire_screenshot_1021x517.jpg
Black Box Black Box screen.png
Another Font Chooser Dialog
Dithering screenshot not found
Gradient Spheres colorGradient_6spheres_wiki16283_screenshot_553x400.jpg
Geneva Drive WikiDbImage Geneva.jpg
Vanishing Child vetter_VanishingChild_wiki16345_left_screenshot_670x327.jpg
Gear Animation WikiDbImage gears.jpg
Nice Numbers screenshot not found
Reading BMP image dimensions screenshot not found
Chinese Checkers WikiDbImage ChineseCheckers.jpg
Bulging Square Illusion WikiDbImage BulgingSquare.jpg
Ribbon Graphs WikiDbImage ribbon.jpg
Pulsing Squares WikiDbImage pulsquare.jpg
Benford's Law screenshot not found
Word Chain Word Chain screen.png
Dice Dice screen.png
Cubic Function Explorer vetter_CubicFunctionExplorer_wiki17383_screenshot_671x459.jpg
Unzip in tcl screenshot not found
Crazy Eights vetter_CrazyEights_screenshot_705x711.jpg
NOAA Weather Forecast
Crossword Puzzle Builder vetter_CrosswordPuzzleBuilder_wiki17662_screenshot_611x549.jpg
Solving Logic Puzzles screenshot not found
Cubic equation screenshot not found
A Hypertext Help System
Image Fading vetter_ImageFading_wiki19875_100_screenshot_326x266.jpg
Rotated Text Font WikiDbImage rotafont.jpg
Arbitrary Rectangle Selection screenshot not found
Text2PDF screenshot not found
Parsing PDF screenshot not found
Celtic Braid vetter_CelticBraid_wiki20337_4sides_screenshot_683x545.jpg
Project Euler screenshot not found
Scotch Yoke WikiDbImage scotchyoke.jpg
Tile Table screenshot not found
Grid Debugger screenshot not found
Tk Robots vetter_TkRobots_gameBoard_screenshot_925x625.jpg
High Score Package High Score Package screen png
Tk Robots2 vetter_TkRobots2_gameBoard_screenshot_926x629.jpg
WhenIdle screenshot not found
VS Project List Editor screenshot not found
Nonogram screenshot not found
Time Picker screenshot not found
GridLines screenshot not found
Canvas Annotations WikiDbImage canvasAnnotations_screen.png
TkAsciiArt WikiDbImage TkAsciiArt.png
Tk Dali Clock
CryptoAid WikiDbImage cryptoAid_screen.png
TreeView Tooltips screenshot not found
Cribbage Crib Aid screenshot not found
CheckedListBox Widget
Extensions to Plotchart 2
Pythagoras Tree
Slippy Map Demo
GPX screenshot not found
Word Clock
Mormon Porn screenshot not found
Line Simplification vetter_LineSimplification_wiki27610_screenshot_807x549.jpg
Integer Partition screenshot not found
Bubble Letters screenshot not found
CPU Monitor screenshot not found
Nominatim Demo vetter_NominatimDemo_wiki37844_screenshot_727x316.jpg
Celtic Knot
Reading WEBP image dimensions screenshot not found
EpubCreator screenshot not found
EpubDump screenshot not found
Gmail Filters screenshot not found
Flow Colors
PNG Dump screenshot not found
PNG Decoder screenshot not found
Penrose Tiling Penrose Tiling screenshot
1010! 1010! screenshot2
Divisible by 7 7divScreenShot
Image Compare ICompareScreenShot
Rubik's Cube Timer RubiksTimerScreenShot
Image Sizes screenshot not found
Photo Crop Photo Crop Screenshot
Continued Fraction Continued Fraction Screenshot
Image Viewer Image Viewer screenshot
Photo Album photo_album_screenshot
Super SymDoodle super_symdoodle_screen
string mapx screenshot not found
Clock of Clocks clock_of_clocks_image
Solomon's Knot solomon knot screen shot
@decorators screenshot not found
Centered Coordinate System centeredCoordinateSystem.jpg
Impossible Triangle impossible_triangle_image2
Tip #288 screenshot not found
Tip #508 screenshot not found
ao3 screenshot not found
ao3ToEpub screenshot not found
Enhanced Expression Syntax screenshot not found
FamFamFam Demo screenshot not found