Tcl Extension Archive

What is the Tcl Extension Archive?

The Tcl Extension Archive is a repository of Tcl extensions hosted by ActiveState. Both pure-Tcl and compiled extensions are included, for Windows, Unix and MacOS X platforms. The URL of the archive is

Client- and server-side software are available. The TEAcup client is distributed with ActiveTcl. The TEApot server is distributed with the Tcl Dev Kit.

  • ActiveTcl Package Management documentation [L1 ]

Suggested extensions for the Tcl Extension Archive.

The packages available via the Tcl Extension Archive are listed here. Note, however, that not all packages are available on all platforms. Also, some of the following may be available only in source code form.

The following applications are also being distributed from the ActiveState teapot repository:

It would really be great if the wiki community were to ensure there were wiki pages for each of the above packages and extensions which at least discussed where the authority site was for the code, and perhaps a description of what the codes does...

Besides the Tcl Extension Archive, are there other repositories?

The Classic Tcl Archive

Long before Teapot, Tcl software, extensions, applications, etc. were kept at various locations around the 'net. From the Tcl FAQ part1 [L2 ] :

Another bit of Tcl trivia has to do with sites where you find Tcl and user contributed software. In the beginning, John created the heavens and the earth... no, that's not right. In the beginning, the Tcl and later the Tk source were available on an ftp site at Berkeley. As user contributed software began to appear, some kind people at Purdue graciously volunteered some disk space. Later, when John left Berkeley for Sun, the core Tcl and Tk software (source code, etc.) moved from Berkeley to Sun. Then, when Purdue no longer had resources to support the archive, it moved to Alcatel. Eventually, that archive was moved to Neosoft's archive. Now that Neosoft has retired, the archive can be found at .

As of 2007-05-21, it seems that the classic archive at ProcPlace has also eased into retirement. Fortunately, there are some mirrors that have the all or some parts of the classic archive:

Feel free to add to this list if you come across other mirrors.

See Procplace for more mirror sites.

Don't forget Joe English's Great Unified Tcl/Tk Extension Repository:


LV: Remember, however, that the classic archive as well as Joe's and CANTCL are not related to teacup and teapot.