New Pages

New Pages is a guide to adding new pages to this wiki


To add a new page to the Tcler's Wiki:

  1. Find some page and add a link on that page to the as-yet nonexisting new page. Try to give the page a good name.
    If you cannot figure out where your page should be referenced, use this page, or make a userpage for yourself.
  2. Using the newly-created link, navigate to the as-yet nonexisting page.
  3. Choose "edit" from the wiki toolbar (usually in the vertical column on the left).
  4. Add page content and save.

Links to your page will show up automatically in the Recent Changes page.

This page will be checked periodically, and a good home will be found for links to new pages, thus ensuring that the new page is not orphaned.

JMPB 2006-12-29: Even if they become 'orphaned': a bot can be written to go through all pages (simply using the numbered URLs) and check if there are any links to each of the pages. If there is no link, it can be added to some automatically generated page. Maybe somebody feels like writing such a bot?

gg 2006-12-30: (jmpb, see the link) - UPDATE: I am working on such a bot. Don't worry about orphaned pages.

When adding to this list the name of a page you've just created, please make every effort to get the name correct.. I [EE] have just fixed several bogus links that had extra white space between or after words... Spaces are significant .

LV 2002-11-19: I would like to see a page similar to recent changes that lists only the top N newly _created_ pages (as opposed to the recent changes practice of listing any page that has any sort of change). That way this page could even be retired, and the graphitti page used for starting a new page.

Lars H: OK, attempt to start chronologically sorted list of pages follows (newer pages at the end, since it is easier to jump to).

AMG: Why is it that when I edit this page, the <title> is "Editing 35" ? Update: It seems this is the case for the entire Wiki, except of course that 35 is replaced with the page's ID.

The actual web name for this page is - so when you indicate you want to edit this page, you get the title you describe.


The end of this list is one place that links to new pages can be placed in order to create the new page.